The G_ENIUSENERGY® and PYROSLUDG_EN® processes to enhance your waste and produce renewable energy.

Our mission is to enhance waste materials in the local area to produce energy and generate profit together with the environmental and social impact for the local community.

Our aim is to design “taylor made” pyrolysis plants or integrated solu􏰊tions for the treatment and volumetric reduc􏰊tion of by-products of agro-food processing, biomass, sludge coming from local plants for the purifica􏰊tion of civil waste water, waste, oversize and waste materials aimed at the co-genera􏰊tion of electricity and heat.

Through our own G_ENIUSENERGY® and PYROSLUDG_EN® processes we propose a safe and technologically innova􏰊tive soluti􏰊on that guarantees an almost total disposal of waste in landfills, a strong energy production and at the same 􏰊time the minimum possible environmental impact.

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